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Web development

Website writing

Process of writing a website or a web page in a computer language (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript…).

Web design

Website design

Web interface design, from architecture to navigation…Getting a quality interface like ACCÈS RH design can’t be improvised!

Natural referencing

SEO Campaign

Set of actions and methods to boost traffic and improve the positioning of a website on the SERP.

Web marketing


Inspired by traditional marketing, webmarketing is the set of marketing actions and strategies based on the use of the internet.

Web agency

Why entrusting us with your web projects?

The realization of a web project cannot be improvised and it is all the more difficult when you take the risk of acting alone. You might as well entrust it to a web agency which, alone, has all the necessary skills to set up tailor-made web strategies. Seniors institut is an example of a platform created by our experts, you can check it if you want to get an idea of the quality work we offer.

Graphic design & webdesign

The first user experience!

Graphic charter

Graphic charter

DNA of the visual identity, it encompasses and graphically translates a company’s universe and values.

Web design

It is a discipline whose aim is to design a website that complies with UI/UX design rules.

Visual identity

Visual identity

A set of graphic elements that identify a brand: logo, colours, typography, pictograms…

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web marketing

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What about your digital communication?

Digital communication is a must to arouse people’s interest while conforming to their needs which are now influenced by digital and technological innovation.

It can be established in many environments such as the internet, social networks, mobile terminals…

High-performance mobile applications

Creating software that runs on mobile operating systems means putting mobile users at the heart of its global strategy.

It also means allowing itself to bring added value to customer relations.

Technical audit of a website

The technical audit allows to scrutinize the technical aspect of a website: structure, code, compatibility, accessibility, SEO, ergonomics…

It aims to check whether the web platform is really working as intended.

Responsive web design or RWD

The Responsive Web Design refers to a web design approach aimed at developing a website that is easy to view on any screen.

The blocks of content are reorganized according to the size of the screen.

Increase the traffic on your websites

Optimizing the traffic of a website like entreprises HANDICAP is strongly linked to making the website attractive so that it flatters the retina of visitors, but also to ensure that it complies with the UX design rules: accessibility, ergonomics, intuitiveness, ease of use…

Subsequently, it is necessary to work on its referencing strategy in order to induce the search engine algorithms to position it in a privileged manner. You can also increase the traffic on your website by adapting it for mobile media, by investing in social networks…

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Reference your websites on Google

SEO or Google Ads campaigns, referencing your website on Google is to take advantage of the main source of traffic of a website. Approximately 5 billion searches are made on this leader of search engines per day.